"The best recommendation that you can get for a chiropractor is from a fellow chiropractor who knows what to look for. I have taught over 2,000 chiropractic students since 1993. Dale & I were colleagues in 1991. He was extremely bright and talented than and now. He has incredible diagnositic and management skills." - Chiropractor Kane Bixby, D.C.

"Dale consistently demonstrates his professional, detailed, attentive, thoughtful and caring attitude in all that he does. Taking that extra step in satisfying his patient and business partners needs." - Anthony C, Real Estate Sales, Property Management, Fitness

"I write this recomendation for Dale as he is one of the best businessmen I have ever met. He provided me my first business experience and he got me started as an acupuncturist. I am forever grateful to him." - Clayton W, Owner of Carlsbad Acupuncture

"I have been a satisfied customer of Dale's since I first moved to Brentwood in 2005. I had overexerted myself during my move and needed immediate help - on a Sunday. I left a message on his office voicemail and Dale responded and agreed to meet me on his day off. Not only is Dale an excellent chiropractor, he is always extremely personable, upbeat, and positive." - Mike G., Sr. Data Marketing Manager, Rauxa

"Dale has provided excellent care for my recurring neck problems and TMJ symptoms. Not only does Dale take a sincere approach to my issues, he consistently gives me the relief I need. I highly recommend him to anyone with neck, back, and any sport injury problems. He's not just a chiropractor, he is in the whole body care business." - Hollie L., Retail Management

"Dale has provided excellent service to me and my family for many years. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in his field. Very important to me, Dale has shown time and time again that he listens to and cares about his patients." - Wheeler B., Zone Management, Stanford University

"I have known and asked Dale for his help for over 5 years. My family and I trust Dale not just with our chiropractic needs, but overall health and nutrition as well. I will continue to recommend Dale in the future." - Michael G., Sales Representative, Agroplasma Inc.

"Dale not only runs a great business but he is also a great person; someone you can trust implicily." - John P.

"Dale made going for a spinal adjustment effortless and painless. He was always able to accommodate my time schedule and did research in his own time to help me with a specific problem. He is personable and easy to talk to, he understands what is being asked and gives 100% to the patient." - Anta B., Independent Computer Networking Professional

"Dale is extremely knowledgeable and gets the job done. What makes Dale's practice so successful and different from other chiropractors out there is once you're admitted you start off with a personal massage from a massage therapist. Very nice touch. Then Dale comes in and makes any adjustments. He definitely is one of the best." - Kelly H., VP, GVK Elevator Consulting Services, Inc.

"Dale is an excellent chiropractor, very gifted at his craft. It doesn't hurt that he is also one of the most intelligent people I have met. My wife is a nurse, and several times he has surprised her with his encyclopedic knowledge of medicine." - Kelly W., Staff Mechanical Design Engineer, NeoPhotonics

"I have known Dale for what seems like my entire life. Dale has built his success through a tremendous work ethic, attention to detail, and most of all great integrity. He is an exceptional chiropractor and business owner." - Eric S., Director of Business Rental Sales, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

"Dale did a great job relieving my lower back pain. I especially appreciate the warm up massage that loosens you up. Most chiropractors that I have used did not do the warm up and the results were not as good." - Frank S., Market Manager, RHFS

"I have referred hundreds of patients to Dr. Giessman over the past 6 years for Chiropractic Care. The feedback my patients have given me has been outstanding across the board. I highly recommend his patient care." - Scott B., Family Physician, John Muir Health

"My wife and daughter both have been attended to by Dale. We have used many chiropractors and found Dale to be one of the best. Kathi and Melissa were very happy with the visits and results. His cheerful demeanor and expertise in his practice made the whole experience profound." - Jerry M., Director of Purchasing, Meritage Homes

"Hi. My name is Gail. Like thousands of other people, have tried many diets with less than lasting success until I met Lisa Durand. I was not eating nutritiously, didn’t eat fruits and vegetables, and really didn’t plan meals. Lisa is the food coach I have always been looking for but never found.  She is energetic, positive and encouraging. She pushes hard but she also knows how to ask nicely to motivate.  I have greatly  reduced my Diet Coke intake, am drinking smoothies and eating roasted vegetables and healthy meals. Plus, I am back to exercising, something I haven’t done through our year of Covid. If you really want to work on your weight and health, call Lisa! - Gail G.

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